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Life Cycle Management Services

Application Lifecycle Management Services

At Eliostech, our ALM or Application Lifecycle Management Services offer a continuous innovative process to manage software applications. We ensure to provide a complete application with a thorough assessment, optimization, development, and maintenance.

Our wide array of application lifecycle management services accelerate your digital transformation process while maintaining quality, speed and lowering costs in the long run. Using modern insights and leveraging technology, we analyze your existing system, make it collaborative, and enhance features to overcome issues.

  • Application Assessment and Audit: We use a capabilities maturity model (CMM) to assess and create an implementation roadmap to focus on priorities. Selection of the right ALM tools is inevitable for effectiveness, and our expert team makes sure to provide you with the right one.
  • Application Support and Maintenance: An application is not fully developed when it’s in the production stage and errors can occur. Many times, it gets overlooked but is an integral part of the system. With continuous support and timely updates, we provide you support and how to get maximum benefit.
  • Application Enhancement: We strive to provide you the best software design that’s advantageous to your business, is straightforward, and easy to maintain. Our enhancement procedures solve technical problems and offer operational efficiency.
  • Application/System Migration: Systems migrations are required when the legacy systems are outdated to match the latest technologies. To remain competitive in today’s market, migrations help in providing agility, improving the overall application, drive innovation and success. We help convert and migrate data from these repositories and integrate various tools.
  • Application Performance management and Tuning: With Eliostech’s lifecycle management services, you are ensured of high-quality applications with powerful performance. Continuous integration makes sure of the code after source control. We observe every web request and transaction to measure performance, you can be aware of which ones are slow and the ones that are accessed the most.
  • Application Security Analysis, Enhancement and Testing: Product quality is essential to be built into its lifecycle to guarantee that they deliver well. With unit & integration tests, Manual Exploratory Testing, and Automated Functional Tests, you get an effective QA done. Your programs always remain secure with secure high-level applications that also lower the risk of a security breach. The tools and solutions we use, address security in every step of development: starting from design, deployment, testing, and maintenance stages.
  • Application Modernization: With modern, agile, and proven technologies, we strive to offer rapid deliveries to offer a powerful user experience. Based on the business challenges, we create an application portfolio and modernization roadmap and re-architect applications. CI/CD automation is also enabled for development with DevOps processes.

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