Cloud & Devops

Cloud & Devops

Collaborate with Eliostech to power your business and drive efficiency and improve the agility of operations. With a suitable Cloud & DevOps consulting & infrastructure services provider, you get the expertise for a robust application that delivers. These services support selection, deployment, and facilitate continuous management of various cloud-based resources. In simple words, it’s the collaboration of the development and operations team for reliable solutions.

Our Services

It includes Cloud Architecture, Design& Strategy, CI/CD Pipeline, Security Management, and Monitoring and Infrastructure Management for faster application performance. Combined with our expertise, you get unmatched performance with flexibility and innovation.

We focus on DevOps Tool Chain, Enterprise Tooling, Deployment Architecture, and Container Strategy to drive ultimate business value.

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)

Our experts help you build an operational automation of the environment that reflects DevOps capabilities. With Continuous Integration, you easily work on the same project trunk; merge code and its changes into a single repository. Another feature of CI is, it executes automated builds and does test runs each time a member makes edits to the existing versions. You can identify bugs and fix them in time, merge conflicts and resolve duplicates easily.

Continuous deployment or delivery on the other hand allows you to schedule and deploy in suitable infrastructure environments. You can run changes easily through the CI/CD pipeline and deploy changes directly to production without any bugs or delays.

How continuous integration (CI) improves collaboration and quality?

Continuous Integration is considered to be one of the best practices for application development that allows frequent code changes reliably. With the version control repository of CI developers’ practice and a lot of mechanics and automation working together, it becomes easier to identify bugs, quality issues on the minimal level rather than at the larger level. Our DevOps team practices various techniques to control the features and code changes continuously.

With CI, you can not only package software & database components but also execute testing. With the help of these tests, developers can get feedback about their code changes effect.

Why Us?
  • Years of DevOps experience in helping organizations of all sizes.
  • Expert solution architects in CI/CD, well-versed in agile development.
  • Best Practices followed to reduce time to market.
  • Market-driven approach to optimize resources and infrastructure.
  • State of the art engineering excellence.

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