Application Development

Application Development Services

  • Legacy Modernisation services
  • Platform Migration & consolidation services
  • Custom Application development
  • On prime to Cloud application migration

Legacy Modernisation services
The current business scenario demands advanced technologies, where transforming legacy applications is essential for infrastructure to drive high profits and revenue.

With automation-powered services, cloud-native applications, and a customer-oriented approach, your business can achieve agility with low risk and increased responsiveness. In addition, it adds scalability & reliability to it. Leverage technology for real-time insights and powerful decision-making.

Platform Migration & Consolidation Services

Our experts have experience working with legacy systems with critical data from various platforms. With our help, you can consolidate business data and map the current state of every process. Data consolidation assures that it won’t be lost.

With our migration services, you get benefitted from increased visibility of your IT scenario that includes configurations, updates, and dependencies. You can plan and execute migrations from cloud models. This will also improve governance and enable digital transformation. Securing your data is important to us, thus, you can manage it easily with the risks involved. Data validation at each step ensures integrity and increased efficiency.

Custom Application Development

Out-of-the-box solutions may not always work for every business requirement and that’s why we can make it possible for you. Our advanced tech integrated solutions would work as precisely as you want them to. By working on continuous integration & delivery, our experts work on changes that are stored on a central repository and are optimized regularly for the final output.

On prime to Cloud application migration

We distribute your migration requirements into phases and make them happen. It’s an iterative process that is comprised of automation, predictability, and repeatability. With complete solutions regarding the entire migration process, it helps reduce your workload and migrate efficiently.

Migrate confidently with Eliostech today. Contact us to know more.


We can support you with:

  • Compliance Checks
  • Web/Application Server Options
  • Application Design & Architecture Modelling.
  • Application Development & Deploying (In Multiple Platforms)
  • Application Testing & Automation.
  • Application Support, Maintenance & Enhancements.
  • End user Training and User Manual Creation.


No Tier Type Technologies
1 Presentation Tier HTML, JSP, JSF, Ajax, Struts, Velocity, Tapestry, XML, XSLT.
2 Business Tier Servlets, EJB, Spring, Web Services and POJO
3 Persistence Tier Hibernate, JDBC, TopLink, JBO and JPA


No Tier Type Technologies
1 Presentation Tier Console, Windows Forms, ASP .NET, HTML, VBA, XML, XSLM
2 Business Tier Class Library, .DLL, WCF, Web Services
3 Persistence Tier Hibernate, JDBC, TopLink, JBO and JPA

The Support System:

Application systems consist of user interface, business logics as well as a database. User interface is one of the most important part of an application system as it interacts directly with the user. It may contain web pages, reports or a voice recognition device too.

24/7 Round the Clock: Our team helps to monitor and input issues to move and assign to the support team while providing solutions to basic and generic problems.

Our Support Team Extension: We have support on multiple levels in case of pending issues, and if solutions are not assigned on-time, we will interface with client team to resolve them for better understanding.

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