Application Development

Application Development Services

  • Legacy Modernisation services
  • Platform Migration & consolidation services
  • Custom Application development
  • On prime to Cloud application migration

Legacy Modernisation:
Transforming your legacy applications to make more agile and efficient to handle in current business needs in the modern world with all features by using advanced technologies.

In the competitive world, Businesses are facing lot more challenges with their competitors. Eliostech will help in transformation of their Legacy application to advanced application to cover the business needs. You can modernise your app using cutting edge technologies from Legacy.

Platform Migration & consolidation services:
You can migrate from one platform to other platform (with respective to technology vendor). If the application is not supporting your business requirements, you can migrate. Basic factors depend on the volume or transactions, load & performance of the application.

They reduce the costs through consolidating multiple applications or software technologies into one. Enterprises can save license and maintenance costs, or replacing old servers to fully utilize all operational servers to increase efficiency. Platform consolidation projects are purely technology initiatives to save cost to the enterprise, to invest on line of business.

Enterprises need to check several points including the cost of enablement for end-users, development teams and maintenance personnel as well as contract obligations. Integration is the major challenge in platform consolidation – which needs the skills to analyse commonalities and rationalize differences, make tactical vs strategic decisions, understand and reconcile the dependencies with affected but un-mutable applications, ensure that the new platform is functionally, operationally and performance-wise capable of catering to the combined user-group, and navigate the path while ensuring business continuity.

Custom Application development:
Eliostech Custom Application Development services are supported by subject matter experts, supporting both modern and legacy platforms. Modern application development platforms supported include .Net and Java, PaaS (Azure, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce Automation) as well as mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. For more traditional legacy platforms, Eliostech brings centre of excellence to provide the solution to fulfil the business needs of the application.

On prime to Cloud application migration:
Eliostech solution Architects will attend & evaluate your application and technical environment to provide you with different flavours of proposal to move your application from on premises to cloud, depending on the technical parameters.


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