AI & Data Science

AI & Data Science

Build higher value technical solutions and transform information for customers worldwide by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. With continuous data, we can help you unlock powerful insights that can help your business create higher revenue.

Being an experienced data sciences organization, we can help you extract valuable insights from available data, understand the audience, reduce risks and simultaneously forecast demands. With the help of Eliostech’s experts, you can reduce cost overburden, save more and create innovative solutions.


Unleash the power with your most valuable asset: Data

These days, data is available in a structured, unstructured, unused, fragmented form which is of no use.

Unused information from transactions, connected devices, and loads of data creates ‘data exhaust’, but with streamlined efforts, it has numerous opportunities.

Fragmented data is immobilized, but with the correct data supply chain and processes, it can be set right. We strive to provide actionable insights to provide you a competitive advantage and increase resilience.

We focus on governance, monetization, and compliance along with data analysis for maximum benefits. Along with common solutions, we emphasize providing custom solutions depending on the business’s particular requirements.

Difference Between Data Science, Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data science and data analytics are interrelated to great extents. Data analytics is the process of identifying data sets to find answers, discover insights and trends. Data analysts perform these tasks to make data-driven decisions. Some of the types of data analytics include descriptive analytics, prescriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, etc.

While data analytics focuses on the observation of data sets to identify and explain trends, data science includes the processes for data modeling, creation of algorithms, predictive models, etc.

In simple terms, AI refers to providing computing systems with the provision to reason, classify and make a decision about things, like human intelligence. Speech recognition systems, language translation, and image recognition are some of the applications of it. With human qualities such as intelligence, intention, and adaptability, AI is the way forward.

Machine learning is an approach towards learning more about AI. They can use structured or unstructured data to understand it, generate and define rules to make a decision. Businesses can make use of it to save time on manual labor tasks. From being used in the medical field to powering a search engine, machine learning is limitless.

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